Project Type: Combined - 3D Animation, Static 3D Rendering, and Video
Client: Electro Medical Systems
Project Objective: Develop a captivating video presentation for a new toothpaste product, leveraging 3D animation, combined with real video footage to introduce a product that was still in conceptual stages.
My Role: Given a customer-provided script, I carefully curated a dynamic presentation to introduce the upcoming toothpaste product. Working with a sketch of the packaging and a photo of the toothpaste, I created in 3D highly realistic packaging images. The off script element was an inclusion of real video footage featuring a model. the challenge in this case was to find a prop of toothbrush which is look exactly the same as customer envisioned. To achieve this, I sourced and physically modified a similar toothbrush I ordered online. 
Outcome: The final output was an engaging, short commercial that blended real-world with 3D elements . The incorporation of a real model using a toothbrush enriched the product's context and increased viewer engagement. Additionally, I wove in a touch of artistic flair, resembling Andy Warhol's style at the end of the video, connecting with the customer's admiration for the artist. This project exemplifies my capability to craft compelling narratives even for products yet to be physically realized.
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