Project Type: Static 3D Rendering

Client: Electro Medical Systems

Project Objective: The task was to create a compelling image that showcased the GBT lounge situated right on the sea shore. The aim was to combine architectural precision with the evocative beauty of the natural environment, thereby creating an immersive and inviting vision for prospective visitors.

My Role: Serving as the Art Director for this project, I was responsible for overseeing every visual aspect, from initial sketches to the final frame composition. With my background in both book illustration and 3D rendering, I curated an array of images that brought the concept to life. My role involved meticulous attention to detail, particularly in the rendering process where I ensured the architectural elements of the GBT lounge were accurately portrayed. I also made sure the composition of the final frame truly captured the tranquility and allure of a sea shore setting.

One of the major challenges was to strike the perfect balance between the architectural elements and the natural surroundings. This required careful selection of lighting, textures, and perspective to ensure that each element complemented the other without overpowering it.

Reception and Usage:
The image became an instant favorite with the client, and its versatile appeal was evident as it graced various platforms, from social media campaigns to expo booths. Its continued presence at events like the IDS in Cologne is a testament to its enduring appeal. The visual not only showcases the GBT praxis in a unique light but also resonates with the wider audience by evoking a sense of calm and luxury. This project reinforces the power of a well-executed visual narrative, demonstrating that with the right combination of creativity and expertise, one can transcend traditional boundaries and expectations.
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